If you choose to consult me. you would be listened to fully, without being judged.
It may be difficult for some people to believe this, especially if they have become
used to judging themselves harshly. As a psychotherapist and counsellor, I have
developed ways of entering into the view a person has of him or herself, while
retaining some objectivity as well. Thus view also takes into account all that has
happened to the person, and how this has contributed to what the person is like now.

In short, I would attempt to see things from your perspective, and we would work
towards understanding your feelings and behaviour. Being listened to and feeling
understood is often therapeutic and relieving in itself.

It may be that once you see why you are acting or feeling as you do, then you may
be able to replace your feelings with other, more positive ones.

Alternatively, you may be able to develop a different view of yourself, you may cease
to see yourself as unacceptable.