Primarily, the first session is used to explore the possibility of our working together. It is a chance for you to ask me any questions about how I work and what counselling entails. We can discuss what your expectations of counselling or therapy might be, and any anxieties you might have about beginning. We will also go over practicalities such as fees and timing of sessions.

If, after this first session, you feel that you would like to begin working with me, then our work together can carry on for as long as you desire it to. You may find that a few sessions are all that you need, or you may wish to continue much beyond this. You are always free to talk openly about how you are finding counselling – indeed, this can form a very useful part of our work together.

I do not discuss anything which has been talked about in sessions with anyone outside of this practice, including relatives or official agencies. Neither do I reveal that a person is in counselling to anyone else, except with the client’s permission. Exceptions to confidentiality might be made in cases of serious crime or where a vulnerable person may be in danger. Anything can be discussed, no matter how unusual or odd you may consider it.